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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

family matters

For many of you that dont know me, my name is kirsten but my oldest sister ashley gave me the nickname tif. Ashley and I are usually rather close. We tell each other everything; until recently when Ashley has started to exclude me in what goes on in her life, certain topics such as, whats new in her life..I dont even know her any more..Im quite disturbed by this thought because she is going to college next yr and I dont want to lose touch...I meanIi have plenty of sisters I could chose from if I was only concerned about being alone but over the yrs we have formed sort of a special friendship..but ever since her and her boyfriend broke up we havent been connecting. ..she didnt even tell me her and him broke up. I found out from my friends 3 days after. today was propbably the closest we've come to spending time together other than the ride to and from school..Im going with her to the bou with her and her friends.. the only problem is I dont think she'll want to spend time with me..she only half heartedly invuited if she didnt want me to go..I'd tell her but I dont want to have to explain my story so she could understand what im going through..Ive been told she just needs time with her friends but I need time with her.. before she leaves...


Blogger * Ashley * said...

hey butthead... I know we haven't talked in a while... But i guess I just figure that you could figure it out on your own. I'm really sorry.. but at the moment I just didn't want to talk about it.. it hurt.. and so avoiding it was the only way to heal. Tonight was fun, you should come along more often( if you want to). Hang in there.. Maybe sometime soon we can have another " heart to heart"... Hey.. and you already knew I liked Ervin... Good for you babe... ! (told ya you were smart.. except in math.. lol)

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