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Saturday, March 19, 2005

happiness from within...

As you all have heard in my earlier blogs, my sister ashley is my favorite person.. and im very glad she found someone that could come so close to how perfect she is.. im glad they r both happy they deserve eachother and they r perfect for eachother..even the stars think so.. ashley you mentioned in your blog that you knew id always be there for you..this is very true and im glad you know also mentioned that you didnt know if you'd always be there for me..all this requires is you to be within cell phone reception with at least 1 good ear and you have to have at least one shoulder just in case i need it to cry on and because if you didnt id get a little
im glad i have people i cant talk to when i need it the most and you and kitty..will be the first that i go to.. ashley-

you know im here
to wipe you every tear
you can always rely on
my shoulder to cry on
whether or not i am here
your always greeted with a caring ear
all you need to do
is to do for me what i do for you
i love you ash with all my heart
til by life and death our lives shall part

i missed talking to you too..luv ya ash

G'night everyone
yours truly


Blogger Spark said...

Thanks! I'm glad i'm not a jack ass :D :D

11:27 PM  

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