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Sunday, March 20, 2005

upside down and backwards..

in 7th grade my best friend and my sister helped me get over my depression..that same friend is now in the hospital bcause of severe depression...i found this out today... this upsets me because the day before she left i noticed she wasnt her best and i asked her if she waned to talk..she said she had already told too many people and wanted to froget about it.... i may sound stuck up by saying that maybe she didnt tell the right people..maybe she didnt exactly look for the people that could help her she just told the people she was with for that day.. me bein the last to know everything...i got pushed away.... her mom wants me to call her if i hear any rumors about my friend and she wants me to stand up for her when i know what they say is wrong.. i plan... im glad she ios getting the help she needs.... but this is these r her last two weeks until she is home schooled....i made her promise we would still be friends no matter what glad we made that promise... im glad i told her i loved her whenever i could..i think it will make her stronger in the long run..i have faith in my friend..that she will live through this...and ill be there for her..the whole way remind her
remember with a loving heart
while holding all the teardrops in heaven
that you ar loved


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