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Monday, March 21, 2005

toning down all

i was told that my were a bit too serious in the past so....
most of you dont know i recently dyed my hair but instead of the dark brown color i wanted i got black..grr! not really happy with this color so i bought more dye to dye my hair..when my sister and i were checking out the lady said something about how she knew i had recently dyed my hair and that if i wanted to remove the darker color tide laundry detergent stripps off just the colr and leave your hair with only your natural color..(more than i can say for the actual color removal subject) today i babysat a 7 1/2 yr old girl that ive babysat since she was born..the last time i watched her was last yr sometime..i forgot how cute she subject) im just recently outta of debt with my dad..ive been in debt since christmas because i didnt have enough money to buy everything so i borrowed money and after just adding everythingup in the last four months i paid my dad over $400 wow! thats like 100 a awesome..god it feel good to spend money without feeling guilty about not using it to apay a debt..*sigh

ne ways..spent too much time at the now i have to i can wake up for work

G'night everyone


Blogger Spark said...

Heh, yeah i wish how things work going to work too. I really do hope i get to dance with her. Actually i wish i was going with her, but you know how things work.. Anyway, i'll see you around! Way to get out of debt!!


10:48 PM  

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