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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

beautiful day in the

today i went to work...and hour early..oops.. came home... watched tv...ate...watched tv...started to clean my room....gave here i am.....i was contemplating whether or not to do homework..procrastination got the best of me....again...hehe not a very interresting day but thats ok..not everything that happens is serious..hey..if ne one has an interresting topic for a persuasive speech..tell me!! have an 8-10 min speech i have to do due next tues and i dont even have a topic...oops..

y'all have a great that sounds like what i say at McD' few days ago i answered the phone.."hi may i help you" was funny because i only say that at i said it without even thiking just popped

ne ways..
talk to you guys latta
always and forever


Blogger Spark said...

SCHOOL UNIFORMS!!! It is always a good choice for persuasive speech. Or you could do what i did- School start times and how they should be moved so that they are later in the day, i get a perfect score for that speech. I finished it in two blocks. I had to skip marching band to finish it. : P Adios Amiga, Have A GooD Knight

12:24 AM  

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