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Monday, October 03, 2005


i have had a phrase in my head alll weekend lol.. i dont know how to spell it though.. it means o wow in yiddish.. this weekend was merril and dc everest.. on saturday (dc everest) we won the spirit award, best gaurd and 1st. at merril we won best gaurd percussion and 1st outta menominee and us.. but got the best score outta all the classes..tomorrow is picture day dad doesnt want me to wear my seweatshirt.. but i say why shoukd i dress up when this is how i look all year round?.. picture day is sposed to help you remember how people looked not what they would look like if they cared what you ways.. ashley i recently decided that you and me have to get together and do sumthing just us two and maybe nikolai if he/you want like eating foodage or sumpthin.. i havent see you in forever...but ya.. i spent my weekend joking about having aids cuz i was talking to matt and randi and she wanted a drink of my pop and i told her i was sick and that i dont want her to get what i had and matt stepped back as randi said Mono? and matt said you dont have aids do u?.. lol.. then today as me and randi were still laughing about that part and repeating it.. she saiod do u have aids and tristen chimed in obliviouse to the conversation and said yet perfectly in time so it sounded like.."do u have aids yet?"..hehe.. if ur not laughing then it must be a had-to-be-there-thing. sry you werent there.. hehe.. then me and randi were tormenting matt.. she asked him if he had ever had a girlfriend and he said no then she asked if he would like one while staring at me.. stupid little girl!... and he said sure and she was uber quick to say but im not the one that likes looking intently at me) then she decided to ask who he liked and he shrugged.. i woulda too.... and i decided to lighten the mood and ask if it was a it kinda worked.. we laughed but then he told me to watch out because he takes his anger out on other people and put his fist down which was aimed at my shoulder.. i was surprised he didnt hit i woulda hit me.. ne ways im talking too much so.. luv ya ash


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