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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


my week has not been the greatest.. as the one person who reads this will already know.. friday night wqas a bit much to deal with and then realizing that by the time second quarter comes around if britt still doesnt come home to stay i will be the only one of us left.. and that scares me.. i understand why ashley is leaving..i just wish she wasnt..and then gabby will be staying at moms throughout the week ansd it makes me wonder what is so wrong with this place?.. why am i the only one that isnt effected and doesnt wanna get up and go.. or is it that i do see it.. but my fear of change kicks in and tells me everything is ok.... its scary thinking that in two yrs i'll be in college i'll be an adult.. i'll be able to make my life choices... when just last thursday i was thinking that this would be the year my famiuly would be a real family.. we could eat together.. we could hang out like a family does.. we could do family things.. and then friday happened.. i learned my hopes would never be reality...once again... i guess i'll have to get used to being in my own school.. the only one home at nights when dad and anne r busy and kaity and chrissy r gone.. too much alone time and i will go insane.. i still have yet to figure out how to minimize the number of headaches per day now im up to three a day.. every day.. that isnt good.. my headaches r bad becuase they dont respond to medicine very quickly it takes a few hours before it starts to ease up even the slightest bit.. but ya.. going off of ash's thought from her blog.. it is scary knowing that brittany is whith a 23 yr old and he does her and all that other shit.. i also dont like not knowing what is going to be happening with my dad and brittany.. ne gonna go before i get another headache jst thinking about brittany..
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Blogger * Ashley * said...

Hey kiddo, yea, not so certain what is going to happen. Let's just see what happens instead of worrying about it all right now. All of this stuff won't be happening for a while, or at least 17 weeks at the have fun while you can! I start school on monday.. :S... ne way... Love ya kiddo! -Ash

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