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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

oww!! headache!!!

i woke up at 8 got ready to drive with my instructor and randi at 9..i was picked up from the HS at like 11ish and brought directly to work.. i was about a half an hour early so me and ashley had lunch together that was very nice..i like doing that.. what i thought was amussing was the fact that as soon as we walked into the doors everyone that was working in the front of mc ds stared at then i can home and remembered that i brought home the apple pie..i pulled it out of my purse and i really really wanted this pie...well i turn it over so i can open it and it was about three ours over the time it had written on the box..i checked the pie just in case it was still ok to eat but it was very dry.. then i spent an hour on my hair and then watched and hour or full house and finally i went to band of which i had been waiting to go to all week... un fortunately the practice was three hours long and every hour i eaither got a headache or my existing headache got by the end of the poractice i had this massive headache!..and i still have it..i got done with practice two hours ago!!.... i threatened to eat a whole box of advil...but im not that dumb....i ways..i really dont think this computer is helping me headache at im gonna go maybe watch a good movie...not a walk to remember...nt after last night ne way.... last night i went with my best frind and another friend and we watched my favorite movie, a walk to remember, at tessa my youth ministers house. all we pretty much did was bash the movie all was kinda sad cuz i was bashin it ways...i still have a headache so.. i blog some other time this week before i go to camp on sunday with the same two friends..

always and forever


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