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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


seriously what do u say when your mother doesnt know you anymore?..what can you say as the icebreaker?.. i gotta figure this oput perty soon cuz i just was told that she has an interview in minnesota tomorrow..once again my news came directly from brittany.. but what can i say that she would understand?..forget everything that has happened to me the last 7 yrs and be cheery just as she expects all of us (except ashley) to be when we see her..?....kill the conversation befoire it statrs with how r u?..good u?..good..whats new?..nuthin you?..well....blah blah blah..she goes on forever about stuff thet i dont care about..but is that all our conversations should be..?..
lemme know..i dont have ne thing to say to her that not everyone already knows... but w/ literally speechless..should i be happy after not seeing her in a long time or mad because i havent seen her in so long and it was her choice or mad because she never called me to talk or happy because i didnt have ne thing to say ne gonna go..
always and forever
.. please comment..ive got no idea
im gonna go have a good time at the boo screw her..


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