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Friday, March 25, 2005


i still have an 8-10 min speech to have written by tuesday.. i had all my research done on the affirmation act (before i decided i hated it( the topic)).. i lost my folder so now i have to find all my info again.. remember exactly what i need for my speech...( cuz i lost my notes)....i have my notebook which didnt have ne notes written in it cuz i was drawing in it during focus and i put all my stuff in my lockerafter focus (before speech class without realizing that it was my speech notebook not my math.. i cant find ne statistics (neede), i cant find any speciflic cases of it (also needed).. and my grade will drop from and A to an F.. *frown* not likes it math or ne thing..i shouldnt have trouble with this one..*digs nails into chair in anger!*..GRRRRRRR!!...crap on my procrastinatory think i just made that .. ne i slept until almost 11..hehe..seems to be happening alot lately.. oops.. then after chruch i painted a fireplace at the youth center and help our youth minister put up her posters and rearrange her youth room.. tomorrow im painting her bathroom walls hehe..we just decided to do that when i was there and im painting the flames in the fireplace..then im spending the rest of my day with my step moms family.i hope you all have a great easter or whatever ya celebrate if ne thing.....we should do this again..some bout tomorrow....jk

bye guys.
always and forever


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