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Thursday, March 24, 2005

it was all a dream...

" i woke up at 10 AM and found myself in my science classroom from last yr talking to my teachers from last yr. i mentioned how i was soo confused because i had to work today at 11 but we had school and my teacher was talking about how a second ago she didnt have to work but then again she was there and so was everyone else. everyone was in school. i walked into the hall trying to remember my schedule. as soon as i entered the hall it was the highschool and my friend met me at my locker to go to choir like we always did. we started walking through the commons when suddenly we were turning the corner in the mall of america. i mentioned about how i thought spring break was not over til monday she said something about how there was a choice between a 6 day or an 8 day break. panic struck me as. 'o my god i missed all my other classes, im truant, my dad wasnt home to call in sick, im going to lose my job for missing work.' i ran to the school/ mall map.." then i woke up looked at the clock, 10 AM. 1 hour to get ready for work at 11..' what a weird dream'.. until now i didnt understand what i might be worrying about that would cause me to have a screwed up dream like that.. i think im worried that i'll wake up after this week and real;ize this whole week i didnt do ne of my homework. that one of these days i will be fired for not showing up at work.and that i havent been in contact much with my past. usually i have to ask kitty what she thinks they mean..but she wouldnt know.. a dream is all your worries or thoughts that you dont really think of that force their way to the top so you are forced to listen to their message then they r gone and all you need to do is follow it or you will have a reocurring dream.. you all prolly think im weird about now but..nothing you didnt already know..these r just my still confused about why it changed from my old school to my current the mall?..thats ways ervin and ashley falling asleep during th movie gave me a great
just guinnea rats sleep? pigs)

ne ways..G'night
luv ya bunches
always and forever


Blogger Spark said...

Wow. thats all i can say. just.....Wow.

6:58 PM  

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