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Friday, April 22, 2005

interresting day..

i was really happy til gym becuase it was gym..hehe...but then that ended and i had choir..which pissed me off cuz my shins really hurt from gym and she kept making us sit then stand then sit then stand and the jones yelled at me for leaning cuz my fingers were on the bar behind me...fingers when ya lean on sumpthin ya usually wont lean on your fingers...then lunch..usually a good part of my was until vicky brought up how bad it was that we had soo many gay people in our school..i sat back preparing how i was gonna strangle vicky without getting in trouble while more ppl chimed in..i asked why it was such a big deal and the reason i gpt from vicky was...well...becuase.....they are taking away guys that we may like....and i commented on how even if they were straight they wouldnt like her so she didnt have to worry either way and i left the table....i hate stupid ppl...a lot! ne ways..then at band 1 of my friends found the necklace i yesterday after band and i when i said it was mine and asked for it back he chucked it across the band room...jerk!...the rest of my day was awesome...right now im preparing to stay up til 12 to talk to my best friend who is hanging out with her boyfriend until to ya guys tomorrow..bye

sry i didnt have ne better to do but rant and rave about my day..
maybe sumpthing will happen tomorrow that i can talk about that is really promises..

ttyl bye


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