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Saturday, April 09, 2005


i hurt!..i dont like you havent run in a yr and suddenl;y start running for about 70 mins a day sept for tues and thurs when we weight lift which is my fav..i dont like running..never kinda excited for going to a brodway play the lion king..even though its a family event...(throws up) i dont have to go to church..(stops throwing up food and throws up arms in celebration) im going to my cousins german foreign exchange students birthday party..that should be had an interresting was a really good one..i went to see ms congeniaity was a good movie..the firts one is always better though...i mean it was a really good movie i was just dissapointed that agent mathews wasnt in it...i wont tell you why though..i dont give away movies or books..and then me and brittany went to wendys cuz she wanted a frosty and even though the only money she had was dads she got one that was more expensive then what she would have gotten if she were [aying with her own money then i decided that i had money so i was gonna get one too..but then somehow i enede up paying to feed her face i didnt have enough to go to the play again tonight...i was a bit pissed about that...grrr..stupid brittany should....umm....ummm...not to think of what i was gonna ne way..ya y'all have a would have been tomorrow..but i looked at a
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