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Saturday, March 26, 2005

down to the last seconds...

hey y'all..sry if ya read my blog from yesterday before i reedidted it..oops..i was just a bit tired.. ya well the time was wrong on the waws 1 30 ish last night when i wrote it..not 9 30 ish.. ne ways ..ya today i painted the fireplace in the youth room and got first choice on which brick i was going to sign...the flames look awesome! very proud of myself.. and we painted the bathroom..hehehe its a very pretty color but it was the very expensive barnd that has to be compeltely dry in order to do small touch ups other wise everything under the fresh paint comes still dont have my speech written i will get it done!..i will....i think....i hope....oops..that gives me a day and a half to do research, write it, and memorize it..i dont thinbk i can do it ne more..*frowns as looses all hope of passing a fairly easy class*..i worked on my room today as i watched a few of my favorite chick *sap ...i fell asleep at my step moms brothers house today lol..oops.. it was a fun day..for the most part..hehehe..
talk to yall tomarra..have a great easter and if ya dont celebrate it no im jk..have a great day...
G'night guys
always and forever


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