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Sunday, March 27, 2005


grr..i think i have all my info for my speech. i dont have the list of the criteria i need though... im gonna have to BS on everything..thats waht ya get for procrastinating...stupid procrastinatory (made up word) i was very halfway done with my very now half way messy room...hehe..i havent donw homework thats next on my list of things to do.. i did my cores from last week and the ones for this all my info went to church had *family time a few ppls blogs that i dont know..i searched for ppl with the same interrest as me such as linkin park (yesterday) and everwood (today) sad..i know..hehehe..o well..
MY friend is home from the hospital!! soo happy..she still has to go there for school and everything but..still.. ne ways..ive got nuthin to say and too much to do..nows its time for me to leave you..hehe..
G'night all


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