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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

total rundown of my terrible day,,,Grrrr.... it sucked!!

today started as a really great day..then i went to gym we had to run two laps and to everyone but me it isnt very much. I am very outta shap and have asthma so...after the two laps i weezed and coughed the rest of the day..GRR..then at choir we had to sit then stand then sit then stand then sit then stand as if jones had trouble making up her mind..then after choir it was lunch.. i attempted to sit at my usual table (the one i wrote about yesterday)but i was told that steven would get pissed if i sat at the table (even though steven told me the nigt b4 that he didnt mind if i sat there) so i went and sat at the other table of mostly friends plus seth and vicky both of which im really sick this time im VERY pissed in general so i sit down and i couldnt find ne chairs so i was kneeling on the ground til i found a chair theni got up and left cuz i was really pissed and i warned everyone..i said im really pissed right now..if you want to stay intact dont you dare fuck with me..and vicky was the first and if i hadnt been so tired still from gym and running ALL block it would have been a fricken WWF smackdown right there on the table...i got up and walked off to my locker with kitty and when i got there and i was trying to explain to kitty why i was so pissy vicky showed up at MY locker and just randomly starts talking..i said sumpthing under my breath about how much i hated her and how it was my locker and that she should leave..then randi came over and asked me if i was ok and by that time i had had it and i ended up yelling at her and walking talk to another table of friends that also has ppl im not fond of and i was talking to gaby and she told me that i shoukd sit at their table..this is the 2nd time i was invited to sit at their table which is a good sign specially since it was by two different ppl..i tried sitting there yesterday though but i was told no by sum other kid that they had too many already which is why they had two tables....then it was band....i didnt talk to brended in band at all sept to yell at him to stop playing...even though he didnt tell me i couldnt sit there he didnt help the matter either...then there was poor matt that got stuck in the middle for not doing ne thintg at fact i think he missed the whole episode at the lunch table and didnt have ne thing to do with it at all..of course i didnt really think about this factor till about a half an hour ago and i felt really bad..on the way back up from band i found randi and i apologized for yelling at her and then i went to class which was pretty good and then i came home slacked off til 6:50 when i left for ccd and i was the only girl outta seven..which actually made me happy..all my friends say boys r stupid but i think select boys r stupid and a few select girls r equally stupid cuz i feel more comfortable around guys then if i were listeneing in on a conversation with girls....weird i ways like i said i slacked off..meanung i didnt do my homework....meaning...
good bye
always and forever


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