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Thursday, March 31, 2005

temptation is a bitch!

lately ive been...
tempted to kick steven in the balls or at least where they woul be be if he had ne
tempted to give him a piece of my mind.. he seems fresh outta his
tempted to leave that tabel and never return
tempted to return ..afraid i'll miss something
tempted to sit at another table
tempted to break the promise i made to myself about waiting around..
tempted to dye my hair bown
tempted to leave it black
tempted to get out the black
tempted to streak it
tempted to forget
forced to remember
tempted to hide where no one will find me
tempted to fall out of love
tempted to fall in again
tempted to give up
afraid he never even tried
tempted to cry in agony
tempted to be abolivious to my surroundings
tempted beyond belief
tempted through my every extent
so far you cannot belive


Blogger Spark said...

Everyone has temptations. What you need right now is good ones like "tempted to eat that chocolate cake" or "tempted to go bungee jumping". And even if you have to you can kick the one dude in the nuts if it makes you feel better, just don't tell me about it- i get sympathy pains....

Have a good knight Kirsten

11:19 PM  

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