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Sunday, April 24, 2005

what would you say after not talking for 4 months?

mom called today...even if i had wanted to talk i wouldnt have had a chance..but then i wonder..what would i have to say to her ne way?..she doesnt know me ne more..Ive changed so much since she left...gotten stronger, against not mommy's little girl anymore..she wasnt told about the sixth grade dance, ben, highschool, my grades, my classes, my friends, or even me.. therefore i couldnt have said a word to her..nothing about how ive been..yet she finds it soo easy to start a conversation about how SHE is and what SHE wants and what not about HER..and then she has to go..(past conversations) ....she had all the time in thw world to call within the last four months, tons of time to ask about me..but she didnt..but not the one missing out...ive got the best friends i could ever have..and their moms who treat me as one of their own..or better..and the best oldest sister i could ask for sept..when one of us is pissed, it rubs off today....i have a great dad, and im ok..unlike her my kids arent willingly pushing me away..(figuratively speaking)..they dont choose not to talk to me...
I promised myself that when i grow up and start a family i will never abandon my children..i will marry only when im truly in love and wont break my wedding vows..
i my children grow from birth to death..helping then each and every step of the way....this is my of the many i wont break..
notice im am very much NOT like mom this is my plan..

ne ways..once again i havent finished my homework..soo...ive got to go..
always and forever


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