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Thursday, June 16, 2005


i havemnt been writing much cuz ive been waiting for sumpthin to happen so id have something to talk about lol... hasnt happened yet but i thought i'd let ya know how i am.. im GREAT!.. marching band is going great..drivers ed is perfect except for the starting time hehe.. the marching band did awesome today!!!!..within the last four days we memorized the song and marched it adding in really kool steps.. i have a great section this yr. two frosh me and matt and the altos which are very fun to be around. today i read the letter i had written out to ben.. the one i let you read in my blog a while ago..and i decided it was perty well written but if i got a letter saying that i wouldnt want to be friends with that person ne more. so i dont think im going to send iot out.. i am however.....over ben!!!!!!!!!!! im sooo took awhile but i finally did it and i dont nor will i ever again get butterflies in my stomache when i hear his name..and i have finally retired his pic to only be visited in my scrap book every so braces come off in 1 week from yesterday and my mom is going to take me to get my hair dyed in a few i said im i practiced me tenor at the school for an hour and a half straight...thats enough to get ya sick of the song ur because i didnt feel like walking home form the ne kinda running this convo dry of excitement and topics so im gonna go..hehe

always and forever


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