my life is a bowl full of cherries

Thursday, June 30, 2005


i dont really have ne thin to talk about..i got my hair dyed monday..its now brown...i went to da was really funny listening to the conversations lol..i will never look at a safety pin the same way ever feild show in pit...the reason i joined pit last yr was cuz of my tenor section..they were MEAN!..and i like best friend is in pit..its kinda hard when thedrum techs expect you to be able to play everything right away, but thats only cuz im not a real percussionist..they dont know that though..i went to the cheese curd festival in ellsworth on sunday..i watched the dweebs with my family..the lead singer sat on me...that was very odd and i guess he was trying to motivate the crowd and get everyone in on the songs they had ppl from the audience sing in the microphone during their was interresting..well im STARVING so im gonna go eat.
i try and write when i actually have stuff to say


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