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Sunday, July 10, 2005

fun fun fun fun fun!

last night we were sposed to have our river falls day parade.. since we were the river falls day band we had to go last..well.. while the parade was just beginning it started raining.. i liked the rain so i stayed out one the curb watching the parade with my two friends that were in started getting harder but we were still watching the parade on the curb while the rest of the band stood under a roof ledge by the gas station next to american pie.. we went back to set our garbage down and got yelled at y the band moms for playing in the water..:( that wasnt very fun... and then they tried to get me to saty under the ledge but there wasnt enough room so i was standing underneath where all the overflowing water from the roof came down ya that didnt help me stay ne dryer.. not that i really cared though..i didnt really feel like staying out of the rain.. i got yelled at for having microscopic mud splashes on my pants from when the rain splashed up and got them.. and then after the parade was cancelled.. our band director found our buses with the windows down, no driver and all the way at the end of the route.. after an hour of waiting for it.. half the band was across the street under the place where you fill of your gas tanks and the other half was in the dealership on the other side opf the street.. i was in the dealership.. we had to cross two feet of water just to get to the buses to get back to the school.. we were expectiong about 9 bands at the highschool afterwards for pizza which they had to pick up early leaving pizza hut behind an hour due to our ordered 44 pizzas. by the time the pizza got there, there were only two bands and like 6 river falls band members.. since my dad was the one picking up the pizza from pizza hut i had to go back to the highschool to eat pizza after i had just called my sister to come get me..that was my only meal of the day after wakng up at 2pm...o well.. then i went into work today and heard that they got struck by lightening last night during the storm.. that was fun..our monitors turned the cars like funny colors so all the red cars were green and everything else was redish pink..we had a competition to see who could correctly guess the most cars real color , before it pulled forward to where we could see it.. i ALWAYS win! but ya thats enough from said i have to go to church tomorrow..i havent been there since maybe i should prolly go...

always and forever


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