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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


sam hammerback promised me that he would ask this "other guy" who he likes and then tell me what he says.. ive waited about a week now and he just asked today.. sept all sam said to me is.."i have good and bad news".."i dont know if i can tell you.." "i dunno what might happen now".. "i dunno if he wants me to tell"... so perty much ive waited to hear that i cant be given ne information.. i understand if this "other guy" asked sam not to tell ne one but if sam is doing this just to trick me into asking this other guy out im seriously gonna kick his butt!..and then sams girlfriend, one of my friends would come to his rescue and kick my butt..insisting on the fact that sam may be a wimp whether or not he is in tae so like fun huh.. as me and kitty were talking i hope this thing that sam seems to be waiting for to happen isnt spose to happen on thursday or friday or have ne thing to do with fright night... cuz im gone..or katy suggested that the bad news is that he cant date in which i would have to wait until his birthday which at this moment is the only motivation for driving that i have.. if this is the case i plan to havwe my licence by jan 6th so i can pick him up for school on his birthday cuz i know he hates riding the bus..only cuz of the driver though...but i still cant tell you who it is if i get ne info about whats going on.. i will tell you in my next post.. if not.. you'll just have to wait.. if nothing is gonna happen and the good news was that he asked and the bad news was that he doesnt like me.. you may never know... luv ya ashwee


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Blogger * Ashley * said...

WHO IS HEEEEE???!!! hell.. i probably don't even know the kid.. so why don't you just tell me... jeezzee!

7:13 AM  

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