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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

i hate this family!

so i found out on the way to my friend randi's birthday party that gabby ran away again but this time refused tocome home and my dad called the police on her.. fun huh? then on the way home for the first time tonight at like 8:30 and i realized that our name in a couple of years will be another negative conontation..
from brittany and gabby and everyone will know for good and bad things like brittany and shopko and the police here from the fight they had and gabby running ways this time and her getting so many detentions and her burning herself and wnat not and ashlye keeping her jobs unlike brittany and me keeping mine and me never getting a detention and following in ashlyes footsteps are the only saving grace that we have for the cursed Iehl.. and we wondered why we never win ne thing that we have to fill oput with out last name fold up and place in a box.. cuz our name is cursed.. and for these reasons i totally adopt every family from friends, tnhat i know of as my own.... sept for ashley.. she stays!..
by the way we still need to celebrate my birthday so lemme know when you have off and stuff.. and maybe give me a call i havent talked to u in forever..
miss you
luv ya ashwee


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