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Thursday, March 02, 2006

is it odd...

is it odd that i find any moment i can to talk to him? but when it comes to saying whats on my mind, my voice leaves me until he does. or even that just watching him do sumpthing i hate like playing fetch with his neighbor's dog, makes me want to jump off the bus and play too.... its not like i didnt have ne chances to ask him... just not enough guts... something not so far in the back of my mind keeps telling me that im not good enough... that i'll never be good enough... im not excedingly pretty or smart, i dont get great grades and im only good at two subjects while he is good at everything else.. he loves everything i hate and i love what he hates.. he flies high in both academics and in sports..he is even great at favorite sport...whether he is in it or not..hes smart and funny, cute, he can sing, me singing *anything i can do he can do better, i cant do ne thing better than him...* im not sure i can even touch that..the only subjects im good at and he isnt is english and art... we both easily made it into chamber choir but the difference is that he also made it into wind ensamble so he can actually be in that choir. he on the other hand is good at social studies, science,math, and gym of ne kind...sept maybe thats just kinda funny to but is it werid to think one day that i could instantly not like him and then the next day think i cant live without him... on the bus today i had the vision of "the other me" where the kid's clone didnt think about what other people thought, he did only what he wanted to do.... i though "if i was the clone i woudl have told rich to stop the bus and id have hung out with Him for a while....


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