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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

stress...the enemy!

today for some odd reason i was way more stressed then normal..not to mention i was a bit more of a bitch then normal too..i was mean to even the people i make a point not to be mean too.. i was meaner to brenden then i had intended to be.. yesterday i yelled at brenden for jumping to conclusions about how i treat my friends.. he told me that im never happy, im always fighting with my friends, and that there isnt a friend i have that im nice to.. so i yelled at him saying that i wasnt going to listen to a word he says because all he ever says to me are assumptions that r always wrong ne ways.. and i walked away with him in mid-sentence...then down at band whenever he was talking to me i cut him off by talking to elissa..i know childish.. and then id leave early for my least favorite class of the day.. and then at pep band even though when dad dropped me off i was in a great mood and i was singin and everything and then when i got down there i got really upset because of the stupid people that decided to use the doors that the office had pointed out, stuck note on, and made announcements about, so we didnt use them.. and people were still using them and it REALLY made me mad..not a very good reason...and then i was talking to caitlin by my locker and i was telling her that i wasnt in a very good mood and i didnt know why.. i was just really really stressed out.. and i looked over and brenden was pointing to me and saying hi over and over again so i yelled at him and said that he picked a really bad night to do that cuz i was in a very stressed mood and i walked away.. and as i was walking away he called after me and said he ony wanted to say "hi" so then during pep band 10 mins later i felt really really bad about yelling at him tonight so i waited for elissa to come to pep band and i sat with her nec=xt to brenden so i could apologize to him.. later me and brenden were talking and randomly i brought up sumpthing he always teased me about last yr which was me being mean to my instrument and he told me that i shouldnt bring it up again cuz that was last yr and it was over and done with.. and i said 'ok.. well maybe we should talk about two days ago' and he said.. 'what two days ago' meaning he didnt wanna talk about it ever again..and just now thinking about it maybe i wasnt the only one that felt bad after the conversation yesterday ways... as you can see i had absolutely nothing to talk about and i wouldnt be surprised if you didnt catch a word i said.. but ya.. ttyl ash.. bye
luv ya bunches


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