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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


last night i went to bed at around 12 and i woke up this morning remembering a dream i had had---.. i was sitting on my bus on the way home a few seats behind matt who was sitting with his sister..which wouldnt happen.. and i randomly threw a note at him that asked him if he would go out with me.. he opened it up and read it, then turned around to face me even though i hadnt signed my name and he leant his head back farther than would be capable in the seats and shook his head no..---(end of dream) then today at school.. he seemed upset about something and then he blew me off when i asked him to sign kitty's card.. i had just had a conversation with him before band and he was fine and we were joking around and everything but in choir he seemed really upset and he talked the whole time to derrick.. then i went to the hospital with tristan to see kitty. she kept saying she was ok but we had to cut her off and tell her that everytime she told us she would be ok, it always ended with a trip to the hospital whether for surgery or blood transfusions..gotta luv katy.. shes soo cute..but she scares ways.. the band concert tonight is starting to get to me along with getting blown off..which makes me wonder if there was something that was actually wrong with him or maybe just that he had to be somewhere quickly.. which is why he couldnt stay and sign it..i dunno..i guess i'll find out when/if we talk tonight at the ways.. i gotta figure things i think im gonna go..not that ne one is reading this but w/e... bye


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