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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

leech much?

well...i had a very interresting day.. i guess randi was talking about me today to everyone who was listening saying that i should back off because kitty was her best friend and not mine..and i guess she was telling kitty that she tried to get it to work between me and her but it wasnt working..and it never will..then i guess she was saying that she thinks that her and tristan will work..but tristan was avoiding her all day with me saying that he would rather be friends with me than have to talk to her..that inda made me feel better but then i went to band and i realized that i wasnt flirting with taylor but he was flirting with today he was playing with my hair..eww!..i hope it doesnt mean ne thing cuz him and matt r friends and if they r ne thing like me then if they both like someone one backs off..i dont know if i want them to be like me then if thats how things are gonna work...:(.. but back to randi..she is pissing me off...i called katy on my way home from school and i told her and i seriously am getting freaked out because she was pretending to be my friend this entire weekend and she was convincing...katy is afraid that randi is only hanging out with her to get to tristan..and wont stop until she leaves katy without anyone and then she can go in and say ya i dont wanna be friends with you anymore...that will not..i repeat WILL NOT happen because kitty wont get rid of me unless she wants to..but that would be glad that kitty has a tristan though because he seriously has made my day..i dont think id be even semisane if it werent for him..he gave me an alibi for not being at the table in the morning and whether he liked it or not i got a chance to vent..and we did talk about randi but not meanly..just like we want to help her and think she should get help and that it is probably hard for her mom to face..and while we were talking about helping her she was talking about stabbing me in the back and how she is such a better friend than me and how i should just back off...i seriously feel bad because this fighht between me and randi is actually pulling our group apart..and nobody likes that..on our side we have jake,hillary,brenden,caitie N, tristan, ruth, rosie, kitty, me, i think gaby is neutral, and preston is probably on our side, and lizzard i think is trying to stay neutral but bein forced on the other side and an army of randi's friends and unofficially i declare war..i dont wanna do this...but then again..i dont think the situation kitty is put into...having to chose between me and randi i feel bad and she doesnt want to..i will never stoop low enough to call my self better than anyone..i dont nor will i ever call my friends names like dummy or stupid or anythig else that may be degrading..there is seriously a line there that you shoul not even attempt to cross and then dare to call them your friend...i mean are you brain damaged..not to point fingers at anyone because brittany does that too..but seriously you shouldnt do that!...any ways..ttyl ash..bye


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