my life is a bowl full of cherries

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Marching On

I've been bruised,
Broken, and trampled on,
I've fallen down
Thinking I'd never get up
I've run away
From who I am
lost myself
Wherever I could
But I never gave up.
I've prevailed through it all

I have scars,
Nightmares of memories,
But the most amazing friends
Anyone could ask for
And they helped me stand
When I'd lost all hope.
I'm living how I want
Doing what I will
Nothing else matters

I'm standing up
Brushing off my knees
Showing the world
That I am resilient
No one will fight my war
Except for me
I've made it this far
There is nothing
Stopping me now
My ducks are in a row
And we are steadily marching on.