my life is a bowl full of cherries

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


after being avoided by this other guy all day i kinda got a little upset considering we havent gone a day all year without talking and today really really bugged me.. it wasnt until after school that sam hinted towards the answers to both what he said and why he was avoiding me but not ne one else... he said "he just needs to think about this for a while"... and then walked away.. so what katy and me were joking about during choir was probably true.. "the good news is that he likes me...the bad news is he will never talk to me again...." it was funnier before i saw the resemblence of the situations.. ne ways ya so the dance is this weekend and i wanted to go really bad..:(.. but im gonna be in atlanta georgia so.. o well.. bye ashwee.. see ya next week
luv you

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


sam hammerback promised me that he would ask this "other guy" who he likes and then tell me what he says.. ive waited about a week now and he just asked today.. sept all sam said to me is.."i have good and bad news".."i dont know if i can tell you.." "i dunno what might happen now".. "i dunno if he wants me to tell"... so perty much ive waited to hear that i cant be given ne information.. i understand if this "other guy" asked sam not to tell ne one but if sam is doing this just to trick me into asking this other guy out im seriously gonna kick his butt!..and then sams girlfriend, one of my friends would come to his rescue and kick my butt..insisting on the fact that sam may be a wimp whether or not he is in tae so like fun huh.. as me and kitty were talking i hope this thing that sam seems to be waiting for to happen isnt spose to happen on thursday or friday or have ne thing to do with fright night... cuz im gone..or katy suggested that the bad news is that he cant date in which i would have to wait until his birthday which at this moment is the only motivation for driving that i have.. if this is the case i plan to havwe my licence by jan 6th so i can pick him up for school on his birthday cuz i know he hates riding the bus..only cuz of the driver though...but i still cant tell you who it is if i get ne info about whats going on.. i will tell you in my next post.. if not.. you'll just have to wait.. if nothing is gonna happen and the good news was that he asked and the bad news was that he doesnt like me.. you may never know... luv ya ashwee

Saturday, October 22, 2005


this weekend i am at moms.. yesterday we celebrated my birthday. that was almost as much fun as celebrating it at dads.. we didnt do felt like just another day. today we whent to the moa to watxch a movie but the only movie out of our three tops picks.. we got to the movie about a half an hour early and waited outside for it to finish... just as i was about to walk into the theater thinking everyone was out..ben walked out.... it caught me really offguard.. i wouldnt have recognized him if his eyes had changed.. he didnt recognize me soon as i saw him all the memories it took so long to froget came back before i had time to blink and before i knew it i ran into a couple of other people..oops.. before the movie started i tried to think about everything good that has happened since i removed his picture from my wall/locker..then i realized, after seven yrs, im still not over him..and evrything i had planned for cant be put on hold... right now im a bit confused.. i dont feel the same way that i did last yr so whats the big deal? .. theres soemone else not as far fetched that makes me secretly smile whenever i thnk of him and in class at the thougt of him it feels like im going down a rollercaoster..minus the scary part... when i ralk to him it just comes naturally.. its almost never awkward when we talk which is great.. but with ben.. it was the opposite.. i never got an adrenaline rush from the thought of him..til today the first time i saw him in three yrs.. he was hot!..he looked the same but taller and slimmer.. but.. ben made me feel bad often... and the other guy never has.. if ne thing he has made me feel better about myself..if you arent following my train of thoughts thats ok becuase i was just thinking it through.. usually id have called kitty but she isnt picking up her phone.... o well... i cant tell you who this pther guys is yet but you already the back of ur mind from last yr.. ttyl bye ashwee
love you bunches

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

play practice...GRRR!!

i luv play practice but im not too fond of ms lyon.. i think she is good with the play and everything like that but earlier today during play practice the power went out in the auditorium and select gyms including the pool but she totally spazzed out and wouldnt let ne one walk or even stand up. then we went into the big gym cuz it still had lights and when i was locking my keys so i dont accidently call china druing play practice she yelled at me because i had my cell phone.. even though at the exact same time three other people were playing games on theirs!.. and then she made this stupid rule that whenever she catches ME with my hands in ne of my pockets (whether im grabbing sumpthing or not) i owe her a dollar but other people can have their hands in their pockets all through practice and she wouldnt give a hoot.. that is the only problem i have with this play i guarentee it will be good.. if it isnt i cannot guarentee ur money back but you should go ne in it..thats reason enough.. lol
today my geometry was rambling on about how every night we should be spending 30 -60 mins on our homework.. but you know what if she had a schedule of everything ppl have going on after school she wopuld know that the ppl that are in both play and marching band and have a job dont have barely ne time for homework especially if these assignments can be finished in ten mins or less.. but ya.. my birthday is in like 6 days not including it or the rest of today an i havent even figured out what i want from my dad yet.. thas sad.. last yr i had a list but this yr i dont know of ne thing i cant live without sept maybe money but i will be working soon so i wont even need that..the only thing i have come up with was from ashley quality time with her and from corrien i want us to be able to send the scrap book i started back and forth from birthdays to christmass and so on.. thats kool.. i havent told kitty ne thing though..she said she got me sumth9ing but she doesnt think it is enough so she wanted to get sumtphing esle but i dont know what i want at all and i dont wanna tel ppl money.. i know that my mom got me earrings cuz i told her that i wanted earrings to match my necklace and the ring i will be getting from dad.. but ya if you have ne ideas of maybe stuff i could use fro my birthday.. i sorta want a mini ipod but i dont bcuz i hear they break easily and if i did get one id be following a fad... which would go against everything i say about how ppl who follow fads are just looking for the in thing and woukd only listen to it until the next gadget comes out which would prolly be in a couple of yrs when falres r out but im still weraing them..stae is this weekend.. im excited but sacred.. i want to win but we have whitnall pissed at us right now because we beat them last weekend so they held a 12 hour rehearsal.... i told coughlin to make the announcement that saying that we will beat whitnall no problem is really NOT a good atitude it is just being cocky..which is much worse then being negative.. but ne ways.. ive said wayy a lot so im gonna go now.. id be surprised if you even read this far considering the beginning was just rambling on and now im doing it again..
love you ashwee

Monday, October 03, 2005


i have had a phrase in my head alll weekend lol.. i dont know how to spell it though.. it means o wow in yiddish.. this weekend was merril and dc everest.. on saturday (dc everest) we won the spirit award, best gaurd and 1st. at merril we won best gaurd percussion and 1st outta menominee and us.. but got the best score outta all the classes..tomorrow is picture day dad doesnt want me to wear my seweatshirt.. but i say why shoukd i dress up when this is how i look all year round?.. picture day is sposed to help you remember how people looked not what they would look like if they cared what you ways.. ashley i recently decided that you and me have to get together and do sumthing just us two and maybe nikolai if he/you want like eating foodage or sumpthin.. i havent see you in forever...but ya.. i spent my weekend joking about having aids cuz i was talking to matt and randi and she wanted a drink of my pop and i told her i was sick and that i dont want her to get what i had and matt stepped back as randi said Mono? and matt said you dont have aids do u?.. lol.. then today as me and randi were still laughing about that part and repeating it.. she saiod do u have aids and tristen chimed in obliviouse to the conversation and said yet perfectly in time so it sounded like.."do u have aids yet?"..hehe.. if ur not laughing then it must be a had-to-be-there-thing. sry you werent there.. hehe.. then me and randi were tormenting matt.. she asked him if he had ever had a girlfriend and he said no then she asked if he would like one while staring at me.. stupid little girl!... and he said sure and she was uber quick to say but im not the one that likes looking intently at me) then she decided to ask who he liked and he shrugged.. i woulda too.... and i decided to lighten the mood and ask if it was a it kinda worked.. we laughed but then he told me to watch out because he takes his anger out on other people and put his fist down which was aimed at my shoulder.. i was surprised he didnt hit i woulda hit me.. ne ways im talking too much so.. luv ya ash