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Thursday, June 30, 2005


i dont really have ne thin to talk about..i got my hair dyed monday..its now brown...i went to da was really funny listening to the conversations lol..i will never look at a safety pin the same way ever feild show in pit...the reason i joined pit last yr was cuz of my tenor section..they were MEAN!..and i like best friend is in pit..its kinda hard when thedrum techs expect you to be able to play everything right away, but thats only cuz im not a real percussionist..they dont know that though..i went to the cheese curd festival in ellsworth on sunday..i watched the dweebs with my family..the lead singer sat on me...that was very odd and i guess he was trying to motivate the crowd and get everyone in on the songs they had ppl from the audience sing in the microphone during their was interresting..well im STARVING so im gonna go eat.
i try and write when i actually have stuff to say

Thursday, June 16, 2005


i havemnt been writing much cuz ive been waiting for sumpthin to happen so id have something to talk about lol... hasnt happened yet but i thought i'd let ya know how i am.. im GREAT!.. marching band is going great..drivers ed is perfect except for the starting time hehe.. the marching band did awesome today!!!!..within the last four days we memorized the song and marched it adding in really kool steps.. i have a great section this yr. two frosh me and matt and the altos which are very fun to be around. today i read the letter i had written out to ben.. the one i let you read in my blog a while ago..and i decided it was perty well written but if i got a letter saying that i wouldnt want to be friends with that person ne more. so i dont think im going to send iot out.. i am however.....over ben!!!!!!!!!!! im sooo took awhile but i finally did it and i dont nor will i ever again get butterflies in my stomache when i hear his name..and i have finally retired his pic to only be visited in my scrap book every so braces come off in 1 week from yesterday and my mom is going to take me to get my hair dyed in a few i said im i practiced me tenor at the school for an hour and a half straight...thats enough to get ya sick of the song ur because i didnt feel like walking home form the ne kinda running this convo dry of excitement and topics so im gonna go..hehe

always and forever

Monday, June 13, 2005


i guess there are only 3 tenor saxes in summer marching me and two frosh. me and the frosh joined the other saxes like we should have last yr. i like their section better than the one i hadlast yr..hell a pack of hungry wolves woulda been better then last yrs section..marching band got let out early because the saxes were being bad and watched tv..(thats not why)...we saw a tornado and thunderstorm that was headed toward us and we told coffee. he let us leave. fyi..we did get that storm!..its storming right now..i warned you you stupid head! came during band today..conor did see conor at work though..after i was picked up from band... ne gonna go watch the storm..that sounds like bye

always and forever

Sunday, June 12, 2005

so much for summer...

just got back from was awesome..accept for the drive out there and the mattress i was sleeping on going flat before 4 am every morning no matter how long i waited to pump it up before i slept. marching band starts really not looking forward to it...i mean i LUV marching band it was great last yr. but there are three reasons why i asked coffee if it was too late to get out of marching band. the reasons are the ppl in my section... although you may find that they r charming and r great ppl and you may luv them to death but..they judged me on my 1st impression(being shy and not really talking and not being able to play the music) and they really dont like me at all.. ionstead of trying to help me leran the music and how to march they talked about me righht in front of me and talked about how i couldnt march and how i couldnt play and i was the worst one in my section..and although i knew i was already they didnt have to say it to everyone and then complain about everything else about me they can calling me a skank bnecause i wore shorts (passed finger length) and a spaghetti strap while marching in 90 degree weather last yr.. the only way i made it through was having lissa in my section who talked to me and having kitty around to talk to when we went on lissa isnt doing mb and kitty broke her hand so she cant..and im screwed.. i told coffee why i didnt want to be in it and now i really hope he didnt mention it to the ppl in my section cuz i would rather them not dislkie me ne more..if thats even possible. i dont want them to think that i think im better then them becuase i was in percussion and not in there section for feild show.

ne way.. sometime this summer my mom is going to take me to get my hair done professionally and i get my braces off on the 22. i have a party on the 24. i have cam in july for a week. i have drivers ed everyday for three weeks from 7-9am everyday.. that'll suck..meaning maybe i should go to bed now...

thanx for listening to me rag about my section and marching band..
if ya have ne pointers to stay on there good side (no bribery please) let me know id love to hear it.

ne ways i should prolly sleep so i can get up tomorrow

always and forever